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Save your business' budget with a commercial solar system, and we’ll put a residential system on your house for free!
(or gift one of your loved ones)


The price of electricity is going up, and it’s not going to stop. Instead of paying electricity bills each quarter, own an asset that will pay dividends for years to come.

The Viking Group is one of Australia’s most trusted Commercial Solar suppliers, because we don’t subcontract our work. We Scope – Supply and install, all in house.

Click here to connect with Joe Geraghty (The Viking Group Director) who will be there right from quote to completion.

Remove The Complexity Of Switching To Solar

The solar process seems complicated. That’s why we do things differently at Viking.

Before you sign any agreements, Viking’s team will come out and meet you face-to-face, at your site. We’ll help you calculate your potential power savings, we’ll explain the process in-depth, and we’ll answer your questions.

Increase The Value Of Your Buildings

Once your Viking solar system is installed, you immediately increase the value of your buildings.

So you’re reducing your overheads, while at the same time increasing your asset base.

OK, So How Does It Work?

1. Click the “CALCULATE MY SAVINGS” button, and one of our Commercial Solar Engineers will be in touch.

2. We’ll arrange a face-to-face meeting to complete the Viking “Free Electricity Bill Analysis” service, talk you through the solar process and answer your questions.

3. Next, you’ll receive tailored quotes and options to suit your business.

4. We’ll book an installation date that suits your schedule. You’ll find our engineers professional, friendly, efficient and flexible as they complete the work. (Check our Google Reviews to hear it from our customers). 

6. Finally, we’ll talk you through the system, show you how to monitor its performance and provide ongoing support.

Calculate Your Savings with Viking’s “Free Electricity Bill Analysis” Service

Before you sign anything, we’ll come and meet you face-to-face and calculate your potential savings during Viking’s “Free Electricity Bill Analysis” service. 

That allows you to gather all the information, understand the cost and benefits, and know the implementation process before making a decision.

No high-pressure sales tactics. No obligations.



Why Queensland Businesses Trust Viking

At Viking, we do things differently. Here’s the results:

  • Viking have over 3000 happy customers, with over 8 years of experience
  • Everyone in our team will be professional, friendly, efficient and flexible. How do we do it? We don’t subcontract our work. We have a small, local team of engineers who love their work.
  • Before signing anything, you can meet our people and calculate your savings during Viking’s “Free Electricity Bill Analysis” service.

Our customers say it better than we can. Please read our Google Reviews to learn more.

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